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i only do one thing

I transform your social media marketing

Whether I’m doing it for you, or I’m collaborating with your team, transforming the way you attract, keep and convert your ideal audience is what I do. How?

  1. Done For You

    We start with a conversation about what you need, what you’re struggling with and whether or not it’s the right partnership. (And it is a partnership, by the way. I only work with people who have a desire to do great work.) From there, it’s a mix of strategy meetings and me delivering a custom plan designed specifically for your audience to achieve your business goals.

  2. Done With You and Your Team

    I believe in your team. In fact, I genuinely believe that a skilled internal team can outperform nearly any agency. This begins with a daylong guided workshop that transforms your team and continues as a collaborative relationship where I’m a resource, a mediator and a member of the team.

I don’t believe in offering one-size-fits-all social media for my clients. Instead, I craft custom strategies tailored specifically to your business goal and your ideal audience.

While social media has created easier access to your most valued audiences, it’s also radically changed the way consumers and brands interact with one another. If you aren’t using social within the difficult realities of today’s market, you will fail. And failure is expensive.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s biggest brands to create smart, effective and measurable social campaigns. Here are some of the main services I offer:

  • Custom Social Media Campaigns

  • Platform Strategies for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

  • Content Designed Specifically For A Targeted Part of Your Sales Funnel

  • Social Media Workshop Training for Your Internal Marketing and Creative Teams

  • Content Ecosystems for Your Brand

My primary goal is to help as many businesses as I can achieve meaningful attention and profitable influence. Together, we will solve your business problems by combining remarkable experiences for your target audiences with smart marketing systems. Together, we will transform your marketing, your customers’ lives and your business.

If you want to transform the way you turn strangers into fans, fans into excited customers, and customers into loyal ambassadors, then let's get to work.


About Me

I've spent 11 years obsessively helping companies and organizations launch social/digital campaigns that achieve the two things they MUST earn: meaningful attention and profitable influence. 

From multi-million dollar campaigns for massive brands like Nike and SNHU to local and regional campaigns, I have successfully put the right message in front of the right people at the right times to truly influence behavior and achieve campaign goals. 

I've both led and worked with teams of 5-20 people, been quoted in Adweek, spoken at marketing conferences and taught workshops on how internal teams can be consistently excellent at social campaigns. 

Outside of work I launched and sold a viral YouTube channel, started a podcast that made the news, rode a bicycle around the western United States, and paddled the Puget Sound with a Native American tribe. Oh, and one time I took a fight against a 300-pound man in Oakland. It did not go well. 


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I have an Open Email policy. You can ask me anything, and I do my best to answer every single question. If there’s a way I can help you with something, feel free to ask.