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two things you must do

Every successful social media strategy relies on two things: Meaningful Attention and Profitable Influence

Without both you’ll either be ignored or you won’t be able to convert attention into action.

What I Do

Wasting money is zero percent fun, which is why every campaign I create is radically devoted to influential storytelling coupled with smart marketing systems that deliver on specific business goals. Random ideas and vague ROI are banned.

That’s why marketers and business owners consistently call me “the best return on their marketing dollars” that they’ve ever spent.

How I Do It

In terms of content, my primary tool is social video marketing. Imagery is currency, and video marketing is THE most dynamic and powerful form of creative we have today. People love video. They can’t get enough of it, and the measurable systems you can build around it are incredible.

I started my career as a journalist so the ability to find and tell stories of influence is a skill I’ve honed for 15 years. And then I combined that with a decade of in-the-trenches experience on every social platform so you get the most cost-effective distribution strategies possible.

Why I Do It

People do not hate advertising. They hate bad experiences, which is what most advertising is. I’m a Citizen of the Internet. I personally reward companies that make the Internet a better place to be, and I love being a part of that. Market share begins with mind share, and that begins with creating great experiences for the people you want to attract.

My primary goal is to help as many businesses as I can achieve meaningful attention and profitable influence. Together, we will solve your business problems by combining remarkable experiences for your target audiences with smart marketing systems. Together, we will transform your marketing, your customers’ lives and your business.

If you want to transform the way you turn strangers into fans, fans into excited customers, and customers into loyal ambassadors, then let's get to work.


Reel (AKA, I’ve Been Everywhere*)

*32 states, 4 countries and counting!


About me


I've spent 11 years obsessively helping companies and organizations launch successful social/digital campaigns.

From multi-million dollar campaigns for massive brands like Nike and SNHU to local and regional campaigns, I have successfully put the right message in front of the right people at the right times to truly influence behavior and achieve campaign goals. 

I've both led and worked with teams of 5-20 people, been quoted in Adweek, spoken at marketing conferences and taught workshops on how internal teams can be consistently excellent at social campaigns. 

Outside of work I launched and sold a viral YouTube channel, started a podcast that made the news, rode a bicycle around the western United States, and paddled the Puget Sound with a Native American tribe. Oh, and one time I took a fight against a 300-pound man in Oakland. It did not go well. 

I live in the Boston area, but I grew up on a small, 20-acre farm in Montana.




In their words

“Every single dollar you give to Mike Richeson is worth 10 times that. Seriously. His work makes you look like a pro. A real, live PRO. Call him. Thank me later.” – Illana Burk, Owner of Makeness Media

“I welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again in the future. He’s creative, concise and completed everything on time and on budget. I highly recommend his work!” – Lou Tortola, Owner/Inventor of RoundTail Bicycles

“I can’t remember the last time I hired anyone who delivered at this level. It’s so rare for a partner to come up with such great stuff like this. I’m grateful and super excited about working with you!” - Kristin Withers, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Creative Content for Sony Pictures Entertainment

“I told him I wanted to see things no one here had ever done before, and Mike was able to deliver over and over.” – Darryl Jelley, Creative Director, MYC

“Michael has deep insight into marketing, what drives people, and how to get the desired result. He’s a great addition to anyone branding or changing strategies in their business. He always has tons of great ideas and action plans, and talking to him is ALWAYS extremely thought provoking and inspiring. It’s the best return per dollar on marketing I’ve ever spent.” – Dr. Maggie Yu, Owner of Sherwood Family Medicine

“Mike made an immense difference in the creative projection of the university’s brand promise and attributes. Everything he’s crafted has been outstanding! He is able to touch hearts and stimulate thought through his powerful artistry.” – Tamara Cissna, Director of Brand Management, George Fox University

“No joke, everyone asks for Mike. Whenever a client gets stuck with a marketing problem, it’s always ‘Can we schedule a meeting with Mike? We need to rent his brain.’” – Tina Liebl, account director, SNHU

"Working with Michael was a treat. He wanted to hear about my big dream and partner with me, and he totally believed in my vision. Mike kept the project easy for me. He took care of a million details behind the scenes, yet, he kept me in the loop and could always explain what the options were. Mike works very efficiently, and everything was delivered early. If you like what Mike does, you can totally give him carte blanche. Sing Portland! is already benefiting from his work. Thank you, Mike!" – Marion Van Namen, Owner/Founder of Sing Portland!

“I welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again in the future. He’s creative, concise and completed everything on time and on budget. I highly recommend his work!” – Lou Tortola, Owner/Inventor of RoundTail Bicycles


Let’s work together



You can ask me anything, and I do my best to answer every single question. If there’s a way I can help you with something, feel free to ask.