Michael Richeson

born in the mountains.




the 100% BS-Free description of what I do:

Crucial Insights + Content That Matters + Smart Marketing Systems

People do not hate advertising. They do, however, hate bad experiences, which is what most advertising is. I am obsessed with helping brands achieve meaningful attention – by creating experiences people enjoy – and profitable influence – by building systems around remarkable advertising.

If you want to turn strangers into fans, fans into excited customers, and customers into loyal ambassadors, then let's get to work.



About Mike

I like to say I have a lot of city skills and a country heart. Both sides of my family homesteaded in Montana's Flathead Valley in the late 1800s. One farm is still in the family. It's a place I spend a fair amount of time helping raise pigs, sheep, bees, chickens and alfalfa. After graduating from Flathead High in 1997, I went to Montana State.

After graduating from college, I moved away and worked with dozens of companies all over the United States along with agencies in Portland, Los Angeles, Indiana and Boston. 

But I missed my roots. And my peaks. So I moved back to set up shop in the best place I've ever been: home.



services and specialties


Local/Regional marketing

There is still a tremendous opportunity for local/regional businesses to dominate their markets online. Not only can you become the local business of choice, this is where you can compete with – and beat – the big chain stores. I’ll show you how.


Workshop: "Epiphany selling system"

Bad ideas are expensive and kill morale. A good idea executed properly is an ATM machine for your business. But where do good ideas come from? How can you consistently earn meaningful attention from an audience you care about? Are we all at the mercy of the Muse, or is there a reliable, repeatable method you and your team can implement? Rejoice! You are not at the mercy of random ideas.

What would happen if your internal creative and marketing teams knew how to talk to each other in happier, more productive ways? What would it mean for your business if people knew where good ideas came from and how to have more of them? What if you could dramatically reduce the number of ineffective campaigns and high-cost content that doesn't deliver results?

I've taken the process I've used to help dozens of companies succeed online and created a daylong workshop for your team. We go over how to be both strategically sound and creatively excellent over and over. Better yet, I show them how to speak a common language that dramatically reduces frustration and poor productivity.

real Social strategy

I’m going to rant for a second because I care about this stuff.

Fact: Social Media Marketing is an industry filled with so much deception. I see huge numbers of “experts” handing out ineffective and downright awful advice. A lot of this “expert” consulting comes down to telling you to tweet at 4 pm on Thursday. If there’s one thing I’ve found about most social best practices is that they aren’t best at all. They’re a template that creates a sea of the same, and they do nothing for your business. 

It’s time to move beyond Social 101. If you want measurable social strategy that genuinely helps your business and your audience, then I can help. 


Campaign development

Maybe you're already producing and publishing content through your various channels. That's great! But now you want to start turning your blog and social channels into real ROI. But how?

Whether you're starting from scratch or you want to turn your existing content into a full marketing system, I'll walk you through the entire process. 





Saucony: Run Your World

Roles: Producer, Director, Cinematographer

I had one business day to storyboard, produce and plan this shoot. Less than 24 hours after getting the request, I was on the road filming. Over the course of six days I filmed in Montana, Oregon, San Diego, Boston and New Hampshire. 



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