Jennifer hargett

Phase I Marketing Proposal

Executive Summary

Jennifer Hargett requested a proposal for the creating of a consistent brand, the rebuilding of her website, and monthly management of her social media (Facebook/Instagram) campaigns.

The ultimate goal is to develop an infrastructure for Jennifer that represents the brand accurately, creates interest and generates leads. This must be done in a consistent and measurable marketing system.


I help businesses find, attract and convert their ideal audiences by delivering premium, meaningful content through smart marketing systems. In order for you to be profitable you must both give AND capture value.

The philosophy around my work centers on two key principles:

Creative – I create brand identities that wow your prospects and establishes you as the go to resource. If you review my portfolio you will see an attention to detail that conveys the essence of all of my clients’ brands. I take my time, establish the foundations of your brand and then design all marketing/sales assets to represent you in a world-class fashion.  

Brand Penetration – The name of the game is to get your brand identity in front of your prospects in a high-value manner as often as possible. The reason Fortune 500 companies spend billions of dollars a year on advertising is to penetrate their target audience’s subconscious with their brand. Based on the latest research, if your prospect has been touched by your marketing efforts an average of 7-9 times, their opinion of you is a positive one. And most importantly, your brand has now been transitioned from short term memory to their more trusted long-term memory. This way, when they are in the market for your services, they will recall you, pick up the phone, and reach out to you.

initial needs

Deliverables and Investment

  • Primal Branding Session: $1,500

    • Half-day branding session

    • Full document outlining your vision, your brand, your value proposition, your target audience, etc (2 weeks after branding session)

  • Website: $900

    • Copy and design for home & about page

    • Note: If you need this done in Wordpress I would hire someone who specializes in Wordpress. I build everything in Squarespace

  • Social Media Strategy: $1,500

    • Competitive Research (how successful real estate agents are leveraging social media) breakdown

    • Your social branding: how to tie your look, feel and value proposition into premium content

    • How-to guide on what to do on each social platform

  • Monthly Paid Campaigns: $500/mo

    • 2 Facebook and 2 Instagram campaigns (Images + Text) per month

    • Budgets TBD (recommended minimum of $5/day per campaign)


June 17: Branding Session

July 1: Branding Document Delivered

July 15: Social Media Strategy Document Delivered

July 22: Website Goes Live

July 29: Paid Social Campaigns Begin

(Dates are for reference only.)

Next Steps

  • Set up call to walk through proposal

  • Confirm Plans and Timelines

  • Contract

  • Launch!