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say goodbye to no roi!

Break out of the social media wastelands forever with one- or two-day social media workshops that turn your internal creative and marketing teams into superstar performers. You’ll be able to attract, keep and convert your ideal audience better than ever before

You’re up against some difficult circumstances. Not only have social media and digital technology completely overthrown the traditional marketing model, but they’ve also radically changed people’s behavior.

The most valuable, profitable audiences are disappearing from your reach. Massive click farms are corrupting your data. Huge adoption of adblock software. Membership sites that eliminate advertising opportunities. Increased skepticism among customers who are all too ready to dismiss you in mere seconds...

And on and on and on.

And yet, success is still very possible. It’s just harder and requires a new approach.

This 2-Day social media workshop will include deep dives and hands-on training on the following:

  • The two things your success in today’s high-competition market absolutely requires (no matter what business you’re in) plus a proven system that teaches your team how to achieve them every time

  • Learn the 7 ways most companies absolutely fail at social media, and how you can avoid them forever

  • How to create your own amazing campaign faster than ever before, even if you don’t have an idea yet

  • The simple script you need to get your executives and organization to support more of your ideas, even if they don’t understand - or downright hate! - social media

  • Learn the critical structure of brand storytelling and the fatal flaw that causes your most valuable audiences to ignore you

  • Finally, and with great confidence, know how to create and recognize good ideas

  • How to concept remarkable social campaigns for your target audience that turns strangers into fans, fans into excited customers, and customers into a legion of sales people

  • The 4 Content Pillars that instantly lets your team know what to make and how to measure the ROI for any project

  • Achieve world peace! Ok, not really, but your team will walk away with a common language and a system for judging ideas that reduces frustration and anger and massively improves the quality and quantity of their work

This workshop - born out of years of true, in-the-trenches experience - teaches my exact process to internal marketing and creative teams so they can do better, more effective work than ever before. You’ll get the same training I’ve taught to teams at Berklee Online, Liberty Mutual, SNHU, Orbis, Highligher Foods, and more than 600 business owners at a conference in Austin, Texas.

For 11 years, I’ve help CMOs, marketing managers and business owners cut through the BS, kill confusion, and save huge amounts of money by implementing strategically smart, creatively excellent, measurable social campaigns that attract, keep and convert their ideal audiences. And the results have been remarkable.

“Every single dollar you give to Mike Richeson is worth 10 times that. Seriously. His work makes you look like a pro. A real, live PRO. Call him. Thank me later.” – Illana Burk, Owner of Makeness Media

“No joke, everyone asks for Mike. Whenever someone here gets stuck with a marketing problem, it’s always ‘Can we schedule a meeting with Mike? We need to rent his brain.’” – Tina Liebl, account director, SNHU

Day One

Defining a Good Idea
How to Fail at Social Media
Brand Storytelling Structure
Building Your Content Map: Goal, Audience, Idea, Distribution, Measurement
Turning An Idea Into an Ecosystem
Q&A and Discussion

Day Two (Optional)

We take everything we learned in day one, and we actually build a campaign together.

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