Cold River Furniture

"I have marveled at the mystery of wood. It’s a mystery that borders on the religious. It’s like a mystical experience. I can go into the grain of the wood and just disappear into it.

The carrying through from a tree or a pile of rough sawn lumber to a finished, beautiful project that sits in someone’s home as their dining table or their bed – it’s like my natural fit into this world that seems to desperately need someone who spent a meaningful amount of time on a meaningful endeavor to create a meaningful life. That is my quest.

My inspiration now toward the end of my career is to start leaving things that come from - I’m not really sure where they come from. They’re not particularly derivative.

In a very organic way, my work is me trying to slog through a muddy world where things are barely discernible. My world is kind of fuzzy, unfinished, and then I apply my craft, and I bring things into a set of patterns that leave me much clearer at the end of that process than I was at the beginning of that process. And that is the meaning of what I do." – Peter Maynard

Learn more about Peter and his custom furniture :

Sony Pictures (In Progress)

While I can’t reveal any details just yet, I’m currently working on a yearlong, global campaign to help Sony launch a movie for Fall of 2019. It’s a massive effort that includes social, live events, out-of-home and even print.

Saucony: Run Your World Global Launch

How do you bring a tagline to life? We helped Saucony launch its new global campaign “Run Your World” with an inspiring Instagram event: The Run Your World 10 Day Takeover. 10 days of takeovers with people who run their world in remarkable and inspiring ways. I was fortunate enough to spend a day filming, photographing and helping run the takeover for Wim Hof, a record-breaking, real-life superhero. The campaign's outcome was epic.

Result: Engagement nearly 3x the brand’s average and collaborations that introduced Saucony’s ethos to millions of new people around the globe.

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, Video, Photo

For another Run Your World project, we had a last-minute opportunity to create a social film. I had one business day to storyboard, produce and plan this shoot. Less than 24 hours after getting the request, I was on the road filming. Over the course of six days I filmed in Montana, Oregon, San Diego, Boston and New Hampshire. Phew!

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, Producer, Filming

SNHU: Getting to No. 1

When I was hired as the Director of Social for rapidly-growing online university, I had a clear and strict mandate: SNHU was to be No. 1 in it’s competitive set within a year. (It was 5th in it’s best category at the time.) My team did it in less than five months. In my review, my boss said this:

“I told him I wanted to see things no one here had ever done before, and Mike was able to deliver over and over.” – Darryl Jelley, AVP and Creative Director

Key accomplishments:

• Produced social strategy and creative execution for a $2 million, six-week campaign that took us 11,000 miles through 27 states. The campaign generated nearly 4 million organic impressions.

• Made SNHU the No. 1 most engaging university on Facebook among our competitive set

• Organically increased audience size across all channels by 58 percent

• Increased organic reach 255 percent

• Increased engagement 324 percent

• Spearheaded and then wrote for the University’s first paid social campaigns.

• Produced, filmed and edited a video that – three years later – is still the University’s most shared social video

MMA Warehouse: Completely Changing The Game

In 2013 I launched a site featuring high-end reviews of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gear. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen in that space. Within three months it had grown so much that the biggest MMA retailer in the country bought it from me and then contracted me to keep producing reviews and run their YouTube channel.

With a promotional budget of $0, the series of video earned more than half a million views and significantly boosted sales on product pages where the videos were embedded – all through video production and SEO.

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, SEO, Video, Photography

Seniorlink: Building a Community for Caregivers

This was one of those special campaigns that not only helps a company, but also genuinely helps people.

Seniorlink, a company that serves in-home caregivers, wanted to honor and support people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s during National Family Caregivers Month. This video, featuring a Alzheimer’s patient Pam Montana and her family, was inspired by Pam’s focus on her caregivers, instead of herself and the disease that will ultimately kill her. Documenting Pam’s wish in a letter she wrote to her family helped raise awareness and create an online support community with thousands of members.

Result: Yes, we created a beautiful, touching video that earned hundreds of thousands of views and incredible engagement, but the real achievement was a Facebook group for and by caregivers. Nearly 3,000 people use the group for support, resources and community. They are real-life heroes.

My Role: Social/Content Strategy

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.13.34 PM.png
Dr. Maggie Yu: Complete Rebrand

When she radically changed the business model of her popular clinic, Dr. Yu figured word-of-mouth referrals would keep her booked in no time. But after a year, the results weren’t there. We went through my usual process to uncover her true business goals, her perfect audience and her unique offering. I then designed a content strategy for her concierge medical practice that combined brand storytelling, an email sequence and a Facebook campaign.

The result: What Dr. Yu called “the best return per dollar on marketing I’ve ever spent.” In less than four months, her practice had grown by more than 30 percent.

Downeast Cider: Taking Over Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday meets April Fools. We helped Downeast Cider shake up one of the year’s biggest shopping frenzies by creating “Cyder Monday,” a program that gave people in Boston the chance to order via Instagram or Facebook, and then have their cider delivered by drone.

Sort of.

Results: Shook. We generated hundreds of thousands of organic, regional impressions with a demographic Downeast had struggled to cultivate: men in their 20s and 30s. And Boston loved it. People online and in person had an amazing time with the prank. One of the “drones” was interviewed for Channel 7 news, and we even had a city bus driver stop traffic to shout, “I love Downeast!”

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, Co-Producer, Director, Video, Photographer

NWAlpine: Quickly Ramp Up Sales

NWAlpine makes some of the most amazing technical gear on the the planet, but their sales didn’t reflect that truth. We brainstormed a new strategy, and I went to work. I filmed a short video, wrote the copy for a newsletter to announce the launch of a game-changing new ultralight jacket, and wrote a series of Facebook ads.

The result: Sales skyrocketed. The last week of September accounted for a 455 percent growth over the previous monthly average – all on a promotional budget of $750.

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, Copywriting, SEO, Video



Organifi: Testimonials that Transform

A huge weight loss story makes for a good testimonial, but when you combine it with the right kind of structure it becomes powerful.

This is one of the most shared/viewed videos on a page with nearly 2 million fans. It performed so well they've published it three times and ran a few variations as paid ads with six figures in sales.

My Role: Social/Content Strategy, Producer, Video, Editing

Spire at SXSW: Speedy Ortiz Performs "Lucky 88"

Spire wanted to show off its “create anywhere” functionality by using real bands recording their new singles at SXSW. The videos would then be used on social and the Spire blog to set up retargeting and split-test audiences.

Speedy Ortiz gave us a particularly fun session by performing “Lucky 88” in their hotel room.

My role: Social/Content Strategy, Video, Editing