Cold River Furniture

"I have marveled at the mystery of wood. It’s a mystery that borders on the religious. It’s like a mystical experience. I can go into the grain of the wood and just disappear into it.

The carrying through from a tree or a pile of rough sawn lumber to a finished, beautiful project that sits in someone’s home as their dining table or their bed – it’s like my natural fit into this world that seems to desperately need someone who spent a meaningful amount of time on a meaningful endeavor to create a meaningful life. That is my quest.

My inspiration now toward the end of my career is to start leaving things that come from - I’m not really sure where they come from. They’re not particularly derivative.

In a very organic way, my work is me trying to slog through a muddy world where things are barely discernible. My world is kind of fuzzy, unfinished, and then I apply my craft, and I bring things into a set of patterns that leave me much clearer at the end of that process than I was at the beginning of that process. And that is the meaning of what I do." – Peter Maynard

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